Family Christmas Traditions

Use and develop family Christmas traditions to strengthen and bond your family ties. It is never too late. I am, at long last, a near empty nester, but I am even now considering some new traditions to introduce this year in both my immediate and in my extended family. My theme this year is thankfulness. I am excited because I feel implementing them, even now, will cause us to appreciate one another even more than we have in the past.

1. Use an Advent calendar. Create one on a family craft night or buy one in the store. A variation on this might be to put down clues under the countdown days. When they search out the hidden location, they will find a small treat. Give an older child a disposable camera to take one picture each night to record your family's activities.

2. Choose three or four nights a week to read Christmas story books out loud. Of course, A Child's Life at Christmas Time is perfect for this tradition and will be enjoyed by all ages. Here is a list of other popular Children's Christmas books.

3. Watch some classic Christmas movies. Truly relax by cuddling up in warm pj's and having hot chocolate or popcorn. Many of these movies are run nightly on the network stations or begin your own collection. Here is a list of some of the favorite family Christmas movies

4. Hold a Cut, Paste, and Paper night. Making family crafts is a great way to relax and talk together. Plan ahead. Have the ideas, the materials needed, the music, and the food all ready. Tell the kids no griping or bickering allowed. Talk about being thankful and discuss creative ways to be a blessing to others during Christmas. Discuss their ideas for new family Christmas traditions. Add those ideas to your list of ways to volunteer or commit random acts of kindness........... then be sure and send me your ideas to put them here on the website.

5. Push out the commercial, and keep your Christmas simple with Christ centered traditions.

6.Become a secret Santa, commit random acts of kindness or volunteer during Christmas. Some ideas to do this......

7. Make it a point to create ambiance in your home. Light fires in your fireplace. Play Christmas music and stories. Let each child have a day a week to choose his or her favorite Christmas album to be played.

8. Decorate.... Decorate.... Decorate... Traditions involving the Family Christmas tree, electric Christmas lighting and Christmas ornaments

9. A dozen or so Family Christmas traditions to do outside of the home in your community this includes winter fun and play.

10. Ideas for family gatherings and food glorious food.

11. Other ideas for mom, children's get togethers, your favorite furry friends, stockings and more........

Borrowing the line from "Billy Grey the Stowaway" ................Don't worry, Don't fret, Don't fuss, and Don't quake.......

Relax, Relax, Relax..........The key to this is planning ahead....Use this calendar or create one of your own....With a calendar, you can relax because it will be under control and you won't just let this special time of year just slip away.

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