New Christmas Ornament Traditions.Whether they are handmade ornaments or purchased you can enjoy collecting and displaying them especially if there are memories attached.

1. String popcorn and cranberries. This is best done in front of a warm fire while watching your favorite Christmas movie. Make sure and fix some popcorn for eating too. Tie the strings together and put them around the tree.

2. Cut up strips of red and green construction paper (some people use colorful Christmas ads from the paper). Create loops to form a paper chain. Hang chains in the children. bedrooms./ Tear off a loop each night to count down the days to Christmas.

3.Have an ornament exchange party with your friends or your children’s friends. Draw numbers to choose the order of the draw.

4.Make small snowflakes and hang them as ornaments on your tree. Use last years Christmas cards cutting them out using lacy paper as a back ground

5. Have family craft nights to create an ornament-of-the-year. Take pictures of each child hanging his or her ornament on the tree. Make sure to put their name and the date on them. Keep the pictures in your Christmas album. A variation on this theme is to create ornaments with each child’s picture on it.

6. Collect pine cones to make ornaments with.

7. If you are newly married, buy an ornament each year to commemorate something special you did together that year.

8.Give your child a Christmas ornament each year, starting at birth or starting right now. It can represent something significant that they achieved or that happened that year. If you are a crafty mom, it can be one that you create. It can be collected while on vacation to remind them where you’ve gone each year. Or just simply, you can give the ornaments that you found that you liked the most. This will give each of them a special collection that they can use to decorate their own trees with later on….

9. Give each of your children a special box to keep their own personal ornaments in, and have them take the ornaments off the tree to store them after Christmas.

10.Research ornaments and or Nativities from other countries and start a special collection.

11. Start new Christmas ornament traditions…attend local craft shows and purchase an ornament for each child and one for yourself, too….Or…. wait till after Christmas and catch the big sales to get a special buy on new ornaments. Look on line for specialty crafted ornaments.

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