Christmas tree art: Magnificent created sculptures from around the world.

These artificial Christmas trees are created to wow the
spectator. Each is wonderfully unique and stand as a
testimony to the wonderfully creative mind that
God has gifted man with.

The artist in creating his artificial Christmas tree is limited only by the general cone shape of the tree. As long as his outward form maintains the cone shape, he is free to experiment. Often using a simple repetitive form within the external cone creates a beautiful effect. Sometimes each tiered layer is repetitive in its design, just successively smaller each time.

Christmas trees can come in some very
unusual materials. Shown here is an
Christmas tree made from glass. It was
created in Venice, Italy. The other was
made from knitted sleeves, and it was
displayed in the United Kingdom

The crafter at home can create his own artful trees in many forms. There are Pencil Christmas trees, crocheted trees, and ones made from legos. I’ve seen them made from Styrofoam cones, formed from paper, molded with clay and decorated with buttons, stars, or glitter. The home crafter is only limited by his own imagination or lack thereof.

One thing that I am sure of: No matter how majestic the display of an artistic tree is, somehow, it just does not compare to the decorated Christmas tree that sits at home in your own living room. It can never capture the warmth and the feeling of home.

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