Christmas tree care is very important if you wish to keep it looking beautiful for as long as possible.

The most important tip I can give you is to buy your tree from a local tree farm. When you cut it your self, or see it being freshly cut, your Christmas tree will look beautiful for several weeks. Not only will you be supporting your local growers but you won’t risk the chance of getting a tree that has sat in a lot for several weeks.

You can visit this link to see where trees are grown in your local area.

If your tree has sat for more than 15 minutes when you get home, cut off another 1/4 inch from the trunk to expose fresh wood . Old cuts tend to seal over with a resin that prevent absorption of water.

Immediately place your tree in a large container of lukewarm water. Trees drink a lot of water, and your tree may absorb as much as a gallon a day at first.

True Christmas tree care dictates storing your tree outside in a cool location if you aren’t going to decorate it for a few days…Make sure you check the water daily.

If you at any time allow your tree’s water source to dry up, you will need to again cut off another 1/4 inch from the base.

If it has no water to absorb, the tree will lose its needles prematurely.

Safety Tips

  • Exercise proper tree care and keep it watered.
  • In setting up your tree, place it away from all heat sources: radiators, fireplaces, heat vents, and yes even your television, as it emits more heat than you might think.
  • Before placing the lights on your tree, check all the wiring.Replace any wiring that looks frayed or worn.Follow these tips and you will keep a beautiful tree and have a safe Christmas. Enjoy the rest of these unusual Christmas trees.


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