Family Christmas Tree Traditions, do they matter?….Try this……

Our Christmas Tree…….. Just say those words,
immediately a warmth comes to your heart and a smile to your lips as you remember….

“Proudly together we toted our tree

Taking it home for the others to see

I was sure it would be the best we’ve had.

You see….I brought it home with Dad.”

“Cutting the Tree with Dad”

Years later, those traditions matter. Cutting the tree together, picking out the best one, putting it up and decorating it…something magical about all of it…..something wonderful about doing it together…something so right

But whether you cut it or buy one that is cut, the important thing is that you make it a family event.

Bundle everyone up….Sing silly Christmas songs on the way…..Make a big deal about getting the perfect tree….

Take pictures at the lot, and take pictures of everyone in front of the Christmas tree after it is decorated. Put these in your Christmas album… It will be fun to compare the pictures after a few years have passed.

If you have young pets, put up a small tree just for them. Hang treats just to tempt them. Hopefully this will keep them out of your tree.

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