Believers want to keep Christ in Christmas, in other words we want Jesus to be the focal point of our family celebrations..In the busyness of the season it is easy to become distracted from “The Reason for the Season” However if you form your family traditions around your faith in Christ , Christmas can serve as a time to strengthen your faith, to be thankful, and to serve others.

1.Set up the manager, nativity scene for Christmas at the beginning of December. Place the three kings in some remote corner of the house. Each day have one of the children move them closer to the manager use this as a way of showing how long the original kings had to travel to worship Jesus. The Wise Men are put in place on Christmas day.

2. Leave baby Jesus out of the manager until late on Christmas eve. Celebrate his birth by placing Him in the manger and singing Happy Birthday.

3. At Thanksgiving, wrap a gift box for Jesus. Cut a slot in the top of it. Several times a week during dinner have the children write out what they did for Jesus that day. It can be as simple as giving a friend a hug when they felt bad or special chores they did without being asked. Place these offerings in your gift box. You will be teaching your children to be thinking of others all through the Christmas season.

4. Light the advent wreath once a week, and sing carols that specifically focus on Jesus for 10 or 15 minutes.

5. Bake Jesus a birthday cake a day or so before Christmas to have on Christmas eve. Light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday” to Him.

6.Go watch a Christmas pageant with your family during the Christmas season.
7.Go to a midnight candlelight service together on Christmas Eve. If your church doesn’t have one, call around or look in the paper to locate one.

8.Gather together as a family on Christmas Eve. Have some steaming mugs of hot chocolate and read the Christmas story from Luke. Spend some time writing out things that you are thankful for on heart shaped paper ornaments and hang them on the Christmas tree. Pray these as a gift of thanksgiving unto the Lord. Later, store the hearts in your Christmas album.

9.Another way to keep Christ in Christmas is to write Him thank you letters, even after Christmas, storing them each year in a Christmas album.

10. Hang ornaments on the tree that represent the names of Jesus and talk about these names. The Lamb, The Good Shepherd, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Bright and Morning Star, the True Vine, the Bread of life, The Light, The Rock, The Rose of Sharon, The Tree of Life.

11Share the Good News of Jesus’ birth and salvation with others…..This is a wonderful and easy thing to do if you spend some time together as a family volunteering.

12. There is no better way of showing the love of Jesus than by loving others this Christmas season.

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