Having Live Christmas trees takes a bit of extra planning. If you are committed to going green or can use an extra tree in your yard it will be worth the effort.

Choose the location for your new tree late in the fall before the ground freezes. It is best to go ahead and prepare the ground ahead of time. Dig your hole and cover with a nice thick layer of straw or leaves. If possible store the dirt in an outdoor shed to keep it from freezing. A wheelbarrow works well for this purpose.

After you purchase your tree, it is important to store
it for a few days in an area that is unheated (so it won’t freeze like the tree on the right) but out of the weather. A garage or back porch will work beautifully. If your tree is allowed to get warm too quickly, it will begin to produce new growth. (something you want to avoid in the dead of winter).

Live Christmas trees will do better if you spray your tree with an Antiwilt or antidessicant product if possible. This will help the tree by causing it to retain its moisture while inside. It will also help prevent needle loss. You don’t want your floor to look like the example on the left. Just kidding, but the sprays really do help.

Keep in mind that you should only have your tree indoors for seven or eight days; so time its entrance accordingly. Put your tree into a rather large tub, and place the tree in a cool location within your home. No direct heat please. Your tree has been dormant so do not give it too much water, but do keep the tree ball moist. An unusual but effective way to do this is to place crushed ice on top of the root ball.Remove the tree from your home promptly. Do not be tempted to let it set for just a few more days. After the eight days in the house, if it is below 40 degrees, allow your tree an adjustment day by putting it back in the garage. Plant it according to your nursery instructions and water well every few weeks throughout the winter.

I hope these instructions were helpful. With just a wee bit of care and a little extra trouble, you will have a nice tree for years to come.

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