The Origin of the Christmas Tree in America came as early as its struggle for independence in 1776.

It is known that the Hessian soldiers decorated Christmas trees here in America during the American Revolution. Obviously, German soldiers were hungry for a little bit of home.
Some accounts even go so far as to credit the Christmas tree for Washington’s success in crossing the Delaware unnoticed. Supposedly the Hessian soldiers were so busy in decorating their Christmas tree with its candles and in their celebrating that they were paying little attention to their duties.

Midway in the 18th century there are records that an early German Colony, in Pennsylvania shared a community tree.

Apparently, William Bradford, one of the colonies early governors spoke out strongly against the pagan practice of decorating with a Christmas tree.

Because of the church’s opposition and because of the size and scope of Americas vastness the use of the tree grew slowly. Still, though, the practice continued to “Germanate”

The unusualness of the trees’ use is well proven in Charles H. Haswell’s Reminiscenses of an Octogenarian of the City of New York.

Speaking of the 1830’s he wrote.

It was about this period that the German families had increased in number so that their custom of dressing a “Christmas tree” was observed. So novel was the exhibition that it evoked much comment. I have a vivid remembrance of my going over to Brooklyn of a very stormy night to witness the novelty.

Queen Victoria gave a substantial boost to the origin of the Christmas tree in America. A picture of her and her family gathered around the Christmas tree was posted in the London News in 1846. Immediately, the Christmas tree became highly fashionable both in England and on the east coast of the United States. After this, Philadelphia markets carried Christmas trees for sale in 1848
About 1880, Largely because of FW.Woolworth, America began importing German glass Christmas tree bulbs. Around this time, too, the co-workers of Thomas Edison fashioned our first electric Christmas tree lights.

At this point I highly recommend the site Antique Christmas Lights Museum I believe you will find his collection of antique Christmas tree lighting and his historic documents of the era fascinating.

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Within a space of ten years from 1900-1910, American family use of the Christmas tree grew from twenty to twenty five percent.

Calvin Coolidge became the president responsible for lighting the First National Christmas tree in 1923.

The tradition of having the Rockefeller tree at the Rockefeller center began in the year 1931. I hope to gather a collection of yearly pictures of the Rockefeller tree to display. I have a few and am counting on my readers to supply many more years. This spectacular tree is often close to 100ft. tall.

Beginning in 1966, the National Christmas Tree Association has donated a tree for the Blue Room at the White House.I will discuss the history of the use of artificial trees in America in the page on Artificial trees

Finally here are a few more spectacular outdoor Christmas Trees around America for you to enjoy.


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