Scandinavian Christmas Traditions bring the warmth of light and festivities into the dark night of winter.

Swedish Christmas Traditions
December 13th at dawn:

St. Lucia Bride - Swedish Christmas Traditions

“Filip, get up!”
“Elsa, it’s too early, School’s not for hours.”
“There’s no school, silly. I’ve brought you
rolls and coffee.”
“Oh, I forgot. I forgot it was St Lucia’s day. Umm! Yummy. Who lit the candles on your crown?”
“I did, I told Mum I would be very careful.”
“You’re leading the parade today aren’t you, Elsa”
“That’s right, Filip. It was an honor to be the girl who was voted on. It will be great fun. Get up now, and don’t go back to sleep.”
“I won’t.”

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Scandinavian Christmas Traditions

Finnish Christmas Traditions:

Finnish Santa _ Christmas traditions in Finland

Finland is the homeland of Santa and every Finnish child knows that he lives on the Mountain of Korvatunturi in the town of Savukoski. This town is in the northern section of Finland, which is called Lapland. There are many many reindeer in Lapland and, after all, Why wouldn’t Santa live where his reindeer are?

By Christmas Eve morning, the children are all awash with excitement for they know that Finland is the first country on the list of Santa’s stops. As a matter of fact, he stops there on Christmas Eve with gifts for every one.

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Christmas Holly

Norwegian Christmas Traditions:A Norwegian Christmas to be continued:

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Scandinavian Christmas Traditions

Denmark Christmas Traditions:

Danish Christmas traditions: Denmark is the country of charming family Christmas traditions. A quaint or old Fashioned Christmas it the term I would like to use, but not in a negative sense. I think the Danes capture something in their Christmas celebrations that has been nearly lost in other parts of the world.

Time spent together especially around the holidays seems to be treasured in Denmark. The spirit of A Child’s life at Christmas Time is captured in Danish Christmas traditions.

Baking Christmas cookies is a family tradition that begins weeks before Christmas during the Advent season. Whether it is rolling, cutting, stirring, decorating, or nibbling; everyone takes part. Gathering around the table with Grandma and Grandpa, and Mom and Dad to ……

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